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Meekay @ Colorado Charlie

Wasted & High Cover IT1

Wasted & High


Born in the Netherlands, Mitchell followed his passion for music at an early age. From the age of 7 he has been watching live sets from the likes of Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, also he was always one of the first to listen to music releases in the EDM. When Mitchell was 8 years old his parents gave him his first small turntable, there the passion expanded into a dream. For weekends, Mitchell stood behind his turntable spinning and expanding his skills. At age 12 he went to high school and there he was soon discovered by a teacher, who introduced Mitchell to the DJ world. Soon Mitchell was performing at school parties and at 13 he was spinning in a club for the first time. That quickly followed to a whole string of bookings in clubs and an opening show at an indoor festival. After almost 10 years of professional spinning and having seen all of Holland, Mitchell now wants to show the world his art in the House / Tech-House genre.







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